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by Nightmare CVLT

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released June 22, 2012



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Nightmare CVLT Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: In Heaven's Shadow
Track Name: Mourning Ritual
Homeward bound, 6 feet under
Dead on arrival
I've grown heartless from countless tragedies
Lifeless, emotionless.
Thought no one would ever break down these walls
That have been built to isolate myself
Your beauty was the waves crashing down
And now i'm drowning in those eyes
Your smile is the anchor, dragging me down

Another dagger in the chest
Look me in the eyes as you twist the blade
you swore you wouldn't leave
And you fucking walked away
20 years young and the path ahead is a mess
Walking into the darkness
Voices constantly taunting
Give up
Chamber loaded, lips around the barrel
Eyes shut, with only one last thought
Fuck you
I'm free
Track Name: Anguish
The rain beats against my jacket
Walking through the city that has stolen so much from me.
Every street brings back memories of you
From the first time you stole the words I love you

To the moment you gave me a reason to hate everything about you
street lights die as I pass underneath
Just like the hope in myself has
Your beauty lies in imperfection
I was born dead inside,
And I will never know what its like to truly be alive

With nothing but my thoughts dragging me down
These late nights have gotten the best of me
The suns coming up and my mind is worn
All I want is sleep
All I want is sleep
This rope around my neck feels so right
Eternal slumber awaits me with my final step off this chair
do you feel death's cold grip wrapping around your neck
embrace it
Track Name: As The Sun Fades
into the setting sun, she turned away
her face fades away but the memory still remains
cast her off with all my hope
the day will come when she won't return

she took our hearts but we still love on
a plan for this
a plan for this
we have a plan to survive
it never ends

as someone I looked to
i no longer search for you
torn and shattered
i walk alone in this world